A totally safe and natural method. You’re fully conscious throughout, your awareness is heightened, and your totally relaxed. 

Hypnosis has been in use for thousands of years. There is a great deal of evidence to support the belief that hypnosis was being used by the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans for therapeutic benefit.

Have you ever driven somewhere, reached your destination, and wondered how you got there as you cant recall your journey? This means that your unconscious took over the driving, whilst you were off daydreaming. Or if you don’t drive, have you ever become entranced whilst watching the television? Television advertisers take advantage of this, holding your attention and keeping you in a trance to sell their product. Both are forms of self hypnosis, as is any time you wander off into a daydream.

Hypnosis or Suggestion Therapy, is therefore a profound state of physical and mental relaxation, where your attention is inwardly focussed. The state is relaxing and enjoyable. You remain in control at all times, and whilst in this deeply relaxed state, will find it easier to accept beneficial suggestions, such as “You are now a non-smoker.” All suggestions given will be completely positive, and worded very carefully in order to get the best results. Repetition of the suggestions is also important, either by use of a CD or MP3/IPOD recording, which strengthens the brains neural pathways. The download will be provided at the first session.

There are a number of studies showing objective evidence that hypnosis can be an effective treatment. Studies looked at various difficulties. Click here for the links to the papers. These have been published in reputable journals, and have been peer reviewed.

Michelle offers 1−2 sessions of Hypnotherapy/Suggestion therapy for less complex problems, for simple, quick and effective results. Suggestion therapy can be very effective, but the results tend to be temporary, hence its particularly useful when short-term benefits are needed.

Should you need help with:

• stopping smoking   • weight loss
• exam nerves   
• flying
• driving tests   • visit to the dentist
• speech and presentations


Michelle would be happy to help you. Why not call or email, if you’ve any questions, or to arrange a consultation?

Bound by a code of practice and ethical standards, Michelle is dedicated to professional and ethical practice, and regularly updates her skills and professional development.