After yo-yo dieting for 15 years and having a very poor body image, I thought I’d give the Virtual Gastric Band a go but wasn’t sure what to expect……a technique where YOU are in control, where you can eat whatever foods you like, where there are few restrictions placed on you, no calorie counting etc. Too good to be true I thought! But it actually works!! You do need to stick with it and commit to following the 8 Golden Rules but this is the only thing I have tried over the years where weight lose doesn’t seem like an uphill battle and I don’t obsess about food 24/7! The weight is coming off slow and steady; but more importantly I feel better about myself and I am not constantly thinking about food, fantasising about foods I ‘shouldn’t’ have and just enjoy food as and when my stomach tells me its hungry!! Highly Recommended’.
Stacey, Edinburgh.


‘Not being one who has ever really dieted, I have gained weight over the years like most people and when this was suggested to me I thought it sounded great. It works as there are no restrictions, food group-wise, and it puts you in control, not a restrictive diet sheet or weight loss group. I loved the fact that you don’t need to weigh yourself; this can often give people a false sense of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ so going with how your body feels and what your stomach is telling you is empowering!’
Georgie, Edinburgh.


The Skype calls were so straight forward and Michelle really put me at ease. I found that it has been something that I have had to put very little effort into. There has been no weighing food, counting calories/points. It hasn’t been a diet its been about taking control of my own relationshiip with food and knowing when i’m full and why i’m eating so much. It’s been very easy to follow and certainly feel the benefits after 4 weeks.
Before I undertook the therapy with Michelle I was extremely sceptical about the whole thing and how it would work. Before my first session, Michelle took the time to explain everything to me about what would happen over the next 4 weeks and how the hypnotherapy works. My first session was very relaxed and Michelle made me feel extremely comfortable, she took the time to ask relevant questions around my weight and made me open up about possible reasons as to why I had put on weight. Michelle explained a few different scenarios and made me take the time to understand my reasons for over eating. The following sessions where just as comfortable and I was able to contact Michelle in between sessions to ask any questions or speak to her about the process. I am now in my 5th week and the support and encouragement from Michelle is still as consistent as it was on day one.

Elizabeth, South Shields.


Where do I start, having been super sceptical of how could a virtual gastric band possibly work. A friend was half way through her course with Michelle and she was buzzing from the experience and how well she was doing with it. So I had a quick call with Michelle and booked in thinking, I’ve tried every diet going maybe this could possibly work.
Well four weeks on and for the first time in about fourteen years I’m not a diet, I’m never going on another faddy, juice or shake diet again.  It’s like she’s “re-programmed” my way of thinking where food is concerned, she’s put me back in control of my eating habits, and “retrained” my brain to establish if I’m hungry or not.
Michelle has had to remind me a few times that I’m in control of the food not the other way around, I’ve been so used to making excuses or using food as hobby, comfort boredom.
It’s like I’ve started from scratch all over again, I’m never going on another diet ever again.  I won’t ever put myself through another faddy diet or shakes.
I feel like I’m getting a spring back in my step and it’s all thanks to Michelle.
Would I recommend Michelle and also the VGB, absolutely.
I’ve still a way to go but I am totally on the right track now, and will carry on with listening to the audio daily.
My advice, read the rules, read them again and make sure you listen to your recording every day.
Good luck!!
Nadia, Rochester.


Wow I can’t quite believe the positive effect that the sessions with Michelle has had on my self-esteem, body image and confidence. As a girls worker I am very much aware of the negative thoughts and behaviours which affect us so much. I wasn’t sure how I would be under hypnosis but Michelle helped me to relax and stay focussed. Immediately I felt the affects, I found an inner calmness which I had never felt before. I was totally in control. Thank you Michelle for enabling me to take control over my own body and affect positively on my self-esteem and confidence.
Karen, Edinburgh.


Michelle was great at explaining the process and putting me at ease so I was comfortable from the word go. The state of deep relaxation was entirely enjoyable and whether it was good for body; well time will tell but it has certainly been worthwhile for mind in the meantime.
The concept is clear enough, Michelle provides the support and really understands where you are coming from even without needing to explain it. Worthwhile for anyone to give a go – you have nothing/everything to lose!
LE-S, Edinburgh.